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Our Support

Women’s Board and auxiliary members devote time, talent and heart to projects that enhance the patient and employee experience. Support for the hospital comes in many shapes and sizes.

Capital pledges have been given to:

  • Renovation of the beautifully-appointed Mary T. Sachs Breast Center
  • Establishment of the Gerstadt Center, a place for convenient, on-site child care for hospital employees and students as well as community families
  • Development of the Women’s Board Birthing Suite offering 22 specially designed and equipped home-like suites for labor, delivery and recovery

The Remembrance Fund is maintained as a meaningful way to remember a friend or loved one while giving a very special gift of help to those less fortunate. These funds are used to assist patients in desperate need of aid with such things as the cost of medication, transportation or partial payment of one month’s rent.

Annually, the AHF Women’s Board and Auxiliaries raise funds for nurses’ scholarships. Roughly $50,000 a year is earmarked for this noble cause.

“Thank you very much for awarding me with a scholarship. I am very passionate about the career I’m about to embark on. Each patient who I care for will be helped by this generous award, so I thank you for participating in my nursing legacy.”

Financial support is also given to fellowships within the hospital, placing our institution on a competitive level with other academic programs that provide fellowship training. These opportunities enhance clinical capabilities and coverage for patient care.

A sub-committee of our membership responds to the need for artwork throughout the hospital by selecting, purchasing and gracing the walls with lovely pieces of art coordinated with the finishes in all hallways and patient rooms. Artwork feeds the senses and contributes to a patient’s sense of well-being.

Abington Health Foundation Women's Board